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Sample Projects


Calculating ROI for Leadership Development

For the Missile Defense Agency, conducted a Return on Investment evaluation of their competency-based leadership development training intervention. The evaluation also served as an Action Research project for participants. The ROI was determined to be $3.40 return for every $1 invested (inclusive of all costs). A similar ROI evaluation of the Agency's performance feedback training intervention rendered similar results. Both projects employed the Kirkpatrick model and the Results portion were calculated using a "global estimating technique".

Measuring Impact of Supervisory Skills

For an aerospace government contractor, conducted over 200 follow-up interviews to evaluate their performance-based supervisory training program. The Kirkpatrick model was used to determine both quantitative and qualitative measures for return on investment. Both interim and final reports on program effectiveness were produced. The ROI study determined that for every $1 spent, the company had a return of $4.20 in cost avoidance. The study was conducted with conservative assumptions regarding cost avoidance and with the scientific rigor needed to be accepted at the highest level of executive leadership.