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Sample Projects

Organization Alignment

Values-Based Pursuit of Mission

Designed and facilitated a process for FAA leaders to create an initiative that would refocus various work units on a values-based pursuit of their mission statement. The work product was a written collection of moments in the agency's history when individuals exemplified the values of the organization in the conduct of their duties. These "moments" were explicit in terms of what the exemplars were thinking and feeling, as well as what they did to affect the exemplary outcome that was the story "headline." This body of work served as the foundation for a series of interactive meetings in major facilities across the U.S. Those meetings served to re-energize supervisors and managers to practice and "live the values"every day.

Implementing a New Vision

The newly appointed CEO of an 800 person residential care facility had successfully rallied her organization to overcome a severely distressed balance sheet and income statement. She wanted to move forward with a newly minted business vision and strategy that would help secure the organization?s long-term future. Because of the century-old culture of caring that existed, it was essential that the business vision complemented rather than caused upheaval in the organization's cultural roots.
We used Appreciative Inquiry methods with the workforce and well-established business visioning criteria with the executives to produce a business vision statement that defined unequivocally what needed to change to achieve the strategy and what must not change lest it threatens the organization's service commitment to its residents. The vision statement was cascaded throughout the organization in a way that the workforce could understand and accept the messages.  As a result, they were ready to engage in the strategic plan and begin work on pursuit of the vision.