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Sample Projects

Performance Management

Performance Management for Innovation

We partnered with a pharmaceutical R&D division to redesign their performance appraisal process into one that meshed performance and development of employees and nurtured the innovation culture they required to implement their strategy. Our consulting approach focused on the employees collaborating on the entire design enabling them to sustain the initiative without aid of external consultants. Components of the redesign included: identification of required competencies, a performance system that encouraged innovation and setting of stretch goals, an integrated approach to development that allows development to support ongoing work, and implementation of this system in two widely different locations and cultures. Notable elements of the performance system are the delinking of performance assessment from compensation determination and increasing managers? roles as facilitators of development. The implementation was done through large group process so that all 450 employees and managers attended together for 2 days to learn the redesigned process and complete the planning phase.

Performance Partnership Online

A multinational oil production company with headquarters in Australia, London, and Houston asked us to partner with them to develop a performance management and development system that could reside on their intranet and be integrated with various other competency-based HR initiatives. The design team created a process that provided a clear ?line of sight? between business objectives, team goals (Key Performance Indicators) and individual goals (Key Results Areas). The resulting system allows employees and managers to collaboratively plan individual performance, development, and career objectives; take action and track progress through the year; and assess competencies and achievements against individual objectives. A key component was to design this system to mesh with the existing SAP ERP platform.