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Appreciative Inquiry

Appreciative Inquiry is both a philosophy and method of organizational development. It focuses on increasing what an organization already does well over fixing what is wrong or broken. The main feature of Appreciative Inquiry is its focus on creating a positive view of the organization's future and working towards that future based on a positive image of the organization's past. We frequently employ it as a preferred method supplemented with conventional change management approaches.

Appreciative Inquiry is based on the following four principles. If these principles resonate with you, we can help you apply them to great advantage to create alignment in your organization especially during times of large-scale change or growth.

Simultaneity--inquiry and change are not separate, they occur together. The first question asked create a tone and direction for the change effort. So, take great care in what you ask.

The Positive--momentum for change requires regular doses of positive affect and social bonding to continually create the hope and inspiration that sustains a change effort to its logical conclusion. People and organizations move in the direction of what they inquire about. Inquires into low morale will move people in a very different direction than will inquires into empowerment.

Social construction--what we believe to be true about an organization will affect the way we act and the way we approach change. "Believing is seeing" is just as valid as "Seeing is believing."

Anticipation--whatever image we have of the future is what guides our behavior today. Organizations exist in their current form because people who govern and lead them maintain some sort of shared image of what the organization is, how it functions and what it will someday become.