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Balanced Scorecard Implementation

Named one of the Top Management Ideas of the Past 75 Years by Harvard Business School, the Balanced Scorecard has evolved from an effective performance measurement system to a complete strategy management methodology.

Breakthrough results are available to organizations that implement the Kaplan-Norton strategy management system. The summary table below makes the point:

Three Year Post-Adoption Performance ('Buy and Hold')
of Matched BSC Firms versus Control Firms

Reference: Crabtree, A. & Debusk, G. The effects of adopting the Balanced Scorecard on shareholder returns. Advances In Accounting, June, 2008.

Your organization can achieve results as good or better than those you see posted above. Contact us to start the conversation as to how we can help you: 1) create a strategy-focused organization, one where strategy execution is everyone's job and, 2) become "consultant free" as we transfer our strategy management "know how" to your executive and unit leaders.

The strength of the Kaplan-Norton methodology is in its rigor and flexibility to adapt to the needs of a wide variety of private and public sector organizations. An up-to-date description of Drs. Kaplan and Norton's thinking on strategy management can be found in The Execution Premium: Linking Strategy to Operations for Competitive Advantage.

Dr. Williams is a Certified Kaplan-Norton Balanced Scorecard Methodology Graduate.