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What We Do

Competency Modeling

Why Competencies?

Organizations want competencies for a variety of purposes. Below are just a few:

  • To develop competent leaders
  • To make good hiring decisions
  • To better define job requirements
  • To translate business strategy into performance expectations
  • To provide career development information to employees

Whichever ultimate purpose you have in mind, Human Productivity builds competency models aligned with the organization?s strategy. We use modeling methods that uncover the key attributes necessary for job success, as well as identify how the work is changing and what new competence areas will be needed going forward.

Two modeling method we rely on are:

  1. Job Competence Assessment (JCA), rests on a 30 year research base which has defined measurable differences between superior and average performers. The methodology asserts that the best way to isolate the competencies required to do a job effectively is to study the job?s outstanding performers. To the extent an organization?s future environment is similar to its past environment; competencies identified through this method will be valid and sound.
  2. Our proprietary Strategic Derivation method. Because a changing workplace environment means that the roles and expectations of jobs must change as well, this method begins with environmental trends rather than the job as the initial focus of analysis. The underlying premise is that to be competitive, an organization must be poised to respond rapidly and flexibly to the technological, geopolitical and lifestyle changes that are occurring around the world. With trends and strategic themes as the starting point, the organization business systematically forecasts future requirements of the function, job family or entire organization. Competencies defined this way focus on the critical capabilities required of position incumbents to take the organization into the future.