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What We Do

Organization Design

Is your organization's design

helping or hindering the pursuit of your business strategy?

Organizational design is the deliberate process of choosing structures, processes, performance metrics and people practices that create an organization capable of executing its business strategy.

Executives in start-ups and fledgling mid-market firms don't focus on design. They don't need to.  Hard work, good ideas, and a whatever it takes attitude serve them well. However, once senior leaders decide to grow their company beyond its entrepreneurial roots they soon come face to face with a new challenge--making the right design decisions so they can properly manage a company whose scale and complexity start to increase exponentially. Other turning points that mobilize executives to focus on design choices include mergers, major growth plans, poor financial performance, and the introduction of a new strategy.

We help executive and unit leaders make design decisions through educational and advisory services. Our services help them create an organization capable of realizing the potential their business strategy holds. Our design work is grounded in Jay Galbraith's "Star Model", widely considered to be the gold standard in the field.

If the following statement resonates with you then we can help you make design decisions that fully support the pursuit of your business strategy.

"Every organization is perfectly designed to
produce the results it currently achieves."