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Strategic Human Resource Management

Strategic HRM - Align and Engage

One of the most critical success factors for long-term business success is business strategy. Yet, the most difficult challenge for many organizations is not making the right choice of strategy; rather it is aligning strategy and people to insure successful implementation. Books like, The Human Equation by Jeffrey Pfeffer and The Talent Solution by Edward Gubman make strong cases that the key factor in the success of business strategy is human talent and how it is managed. Human Productivity provides expertise to organizations so they can create strategically aligned human resource management (HRM) processes.

There is a natural cause-and-effect at work that either leads to strategic alignment or disrupts it. The sequence goes like this:

  • Translating Business Strategy Into Intellectual Capital - by assuring your people understand specifically what they are to do and what knowledge and skills are required to do it.
  • Building a High Competence Workplace - by fostering a development culture in which your people gain capabilities needed now, and those that prepare them for your future.
  • Building a High Performance Workplace - by instituting management practices that provide feedback and nurture commitment.

To achieve the aligned and engaged workforce you want, Human Productivity offers expertise in designing and implementing Talent Management, Performance Management, and Strategic Development process that suit your organization's culture and aims.